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How To Make A Swirl Effect In An Epoxy Resin River Table [By An Expert]

Brandon, woodworker and expert resin artist at CVCF, shows you how to create the subtle (or not so subtle) “swirl” effects in the resin poured down a river table. For this part of the process, you will need:

– Your live edge slabs securely clamped to your workspace

– Already mixed two-part epoxy resin poured between two […]

How I Built a Booming Custom Furniture Business Online

This video shows you how Sheldon Myeroff turned his furniture making hobby into a profitable international custom furniture making company – all after retirement! Success came primarily from specialization with a focus on designing, building and selling custom-made river (epoxy) tables. A “river table” is two pieces of natural wood with a […]

Buy A Custom Table Online | Epoxy Resin & Live Edge Wood Conference Tables | Large & Modern | Prices

This video shows you how to get a price for a durable custom size handmade conference room table.

Find out how to order a beautiful solid wood conference table for your own home, office or business in the U.S.

You choose the width and height of your table […]

Buy A Custom Built Modular Epoxy Resin River Conference Table $12K+

Ocean Resin Tables For Sale [Moving Ocean Coffee Tables]

In this video, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shows you multi-colored epoxy resin being poured and shaped into an epoxy resin and wood ocean table custom ordered by a family in New York. CVCF is a U.S.-based ocean resin table manufacturer that specializes in combining decorative layered resin art with live edge wood slabs, reclaimed wood, […]

Creating a CNC Engraved Mississippi River Conference Table [CVCF 2020]

This video tells the story of how an amazing conference table was designed from the dream of Capt. Michael Bopp, President of the Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association, and built by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. The 19’ black walnut table features a CNC-engraved, epoxy resin-filled representation of the course of the Lower Mississippi River.

Buy […]

Video Building Custom Made River Tables: From Beginning to End [CVCF 2020]

In this video, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, of Cleveland, Ohio gives you an in-depth look at the time, effort, and skill involved in building custom live edge epoxy resin and wood river tables – starting with the sustainable harvesting of trees and closing with shipping the tables to homeowners and businesses all across the United […]

Crating & Shipping Live Edge River Tables CVCF 2020

In Episode #10 of “From Forest to Furnishings, we hear how Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture builds custom crates for all our epoxy resin and wood river tables and desks to help ensure damage-free delivery on these very heavy items. Sheldon Myeroff, President of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, explains the crating process which includes handcrafting every […]

Video: Pushing the Envelope with Epoxy Resin River Tables [CVCF 2020]

In this video, you’ll hear Sheldon and Zach of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture talk about creating new, exciting custom epoxy resin and wood river tables, river desks, river countertops, river conference tables and other custom furniture. CVCF is constantly doing research into new epoxy resin colors, pour techniques, and designs. Our CNC capabilities allow us […]

Watch How Epoxy River Tables Are Sanded and Sprayed CVCF 2020

In Episode #9 of “From Forest to Furnishings, Sheldon Myeroff, President of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, explains the sanding and catalyzed varnish spraying process for a custom epoxy resin and wood river table at his woodworking facility. Chagrin Valley has a large spray room with an air filtration system that removes any particulate matter from […]