Bed Made from Barn Siding

Bed Made from Barn Siding

Barn Wood Bed with Barn Door Headboard

Barn Wood Bed with Barn Door Headboard

Rustic Barn Beam Bed

Rustic Barn Beam Bed

Canopy Bed Made from Mahogany

Canopy Bed made from Mahogany

Live Edge Walnut Bedroom Set With Epoxy Resin

Live Edge Walnut Headboard & Bedroom Set With Blue Epoxy Resin

Modern And Rustic Designed Handmade Beds, Bedroom Furniture, Bed Frames and Headboards Custom Built Just the Way You Want – We Ship To Customers All Across The United States | Read Customer Reviews And Watch Client Testimonial Videos

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture handcrafts very unique custom made live edge epoxy resin river headboards, live edge wood beds, custom oversized beds, custom bedframes with storage and unique bedroom furniture for customers all across the United States. Prices start at $1,800. Buy a custom bed near you or online.

You can submit your custom bed, bedroom set or custom headboard design and get a price for fabrication and assembly.  The designers and woodworkers at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture are ready to help you create your “dream” custom bed and headboard. That’s because we are the USA’s specialists in handcrafting superior quality beds and headboards for sale that are truly works of art and uniquely tailored to your wants and needs. This is not store bought furniture – these beds and headboards are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of furniture straight from your imagination. You can even join our team in building the bed if you wish!  Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture manufacturers custom built epoxy resin wood furniture and epoxy resin river tables. CVCF also sells rustic furniture, live edge dining tables, epoxy resin headboards and river tables that are in stock here. Learn how the highest quality river tables, beds, headboards and custom wood and metal furnishings are handcrafted in America in 2020, here. In 2020, CVCF perfected the art of making CNC river tables as well as custom wood and epoxy resin ‘Ocean Tables‘ and “Canyon River Tables‘.VCF normally designs custom beds and custom headboards for our customers, or we collaborate with our clients to design bedroom furniture, which we then handcraft and assemble.  However, if you design your own furniture, we will build it, install and assemble it for you, assuming you live in the continental USA. To submit your design drawings or CAD drawing for a quote, call 440-591-5511, email or click here.

You spend up to a third of your life on your bed- so it should provide the exact atmosphere and feel that you want. Our expert woodworkers and designers work together to build bunk beds, loft beds, day beds, artistic children’s beds, beds with storage, twin beds, full beds, queen beds, king beds, and anything else you can imagine. We can provide the wood you want- from walnut to reclaimed barnwood (from real century-year-old-barns)- and design a frame and/or headboard for twin, full, queen, or king sized mattresses with a headboard utilizing custom metalworking or colored epoxy resin designs. We also finish custom bed frames using a wide variety of techniques- from distressing, controlled burning, specialty painting or other creative finishes.

Custom Headboards

Often, customers come forward with most of a bed “frame” that’s perfectly functional and generally hidden, but want a headboard that inspires beauty and contributes to a comfortable, cozy bedroom atmosphere. Custom headboards can easily integrate wood, glass or metal- however you see fit. Reach out for more details.

Epoxy Resin Ocean Headboards For Sale

In this video, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shows you multi-colored epoxy resin being poured and shaped into an epoxy resin and wood ocean table ordered by a family in New York. We sell custom made epoxy resin ocean headboards, epoxy resin ocean conference tables, ocean resin desks (desktops) and moving ocean coffee tables made with stunning epoxy resins, custom steel legs, glass and natural woods such as black walnut and live edge wood slabs to customers all across the United States. These unique blue epoxy resin headboards with moving ocean waves are cool pieces of bedroom furniture that looking like seashores with moving tides.

River Headboards

Live Edge Walnut Quad Conference Tables

Walnut river tables are awesome.  Black walnut river headboards are very popular in the USA in 2019 because the kiln dried dark-colored, straight grained true heartwood contrasts so vividly with a blue epoxy resin river.  The craftsmen at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture love to make custom designed headboards from walnut wood slabs because it so darn beautiful and workable.  CVCF loves to use black walnut wood for woodworking projects. Although it is not as readily available in the USA, CVCF has a few secret sources for this cherished wood.  American Black Walnut is darling of the CVCF craftsmen.  CVCF designs, handcrafts ships, delivers and assembles black walnut river headboards, tables, epoxy resin furniture and live edge waterfall benches for customers across the USA.  Simply provide CVCF with your walnut river headboard design requirements to receive a quote for your woodworking project.

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    Bed Made from Barn Siding
    “Not only is it beautiful, but the quality is 100 times better than anything I could find from a furniture retailer.”
    Dr. Sara Kritzer

    Custom Built Turquoise Epoxy Resin Dining Table With Embedded Rocks, Arrowheads And Fossils

    VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Custom Southwest Epoxy River Table | Rocks, Arrowheads, Fossils & Turquoise [CVCF 2021]
    Uploaded to YouTube On December 18, 2021 by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

    In this video, a homeowner from New Mexico talks about the made-to-order epoxy river dining table he and his wife co-designed online remotely with Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. The Black Walnut tabletop has a teal blue river running through it and epoxy-filled indents, imperfections, knotholes, and cracks. Suspended in the epoxy are turquoise crystals river rocks, pebbles, fossils, and arrowheads to go along the Southwestern theme of their home.

    Every dining table is unique and an expression of the people who order it. We use Zoom, Facetime, phone calls, emails and texts to keep you fully involved in the design and construction of your custom dining table. We make our dining tables from locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested natural wood, reclaimed wood and live edge wood. You choose your own wood slabs – any species – plus the materials and epoxy resin color. Tell us what style you want – industrial, modern, rustic – you name it, we’ll build it.

    You’ll also see dozens of other custom-made one-of-a-kind dining tables we’ve co-designed online with homeowners, businesses, restaurants, hotels, interior designers, and architects, and built in our 6,000 sq. ft. workshop in Cleveland. Chagrin Valley offers many epoxy resin table options – different types, styles, designs, shapes, seating, legs and bases, epoxy colors and more.

    We pride ourselves on having what we feel are the highest quality river tables built in America. With our CNC machine, we are able to engrave names, logos, topographic waterway features, and other artwork into our epoxy river dining tables and custom conference tables. We have built 100% customized tables for businesses and homeowners all across America.

    YouTube Video: Custom Wood & Epoxy Dining & Kitchen Tables for Sale Online [Costs, Sizes, Modern Tops, Live Edge]

    Custom Epoxy River Tables For Sale Locally & Online

    You can buy custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin and wood dining tables and epoxy resin and live edge wood countertops for sale locally or online at Buy a natural live edge wood table. You can call CVCF at 440-591-5511. Get design ideas in the CVCF project gallery before you submit you table design idea and request a quote online. You can even start designing your own custom furniture, desk or table online with this free app.

    YouTube Video Uploaded By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On July 26, 20221 Titled “CNC Carved Epoxy-Filled Topographic Tables | Mapped River, Lake, Waterway, Ocean Tables [CVCF 2021]”

    In this video, you’ll see really amazing custom tables with the center of the tabletop carved out to replicate the shapes of bodies of water in the U.S. and then filled with colored epoxy. You’ll watch how these CNC carved topographical epoxy tables with ACTUAL mapped rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, islands, bays, seashores are handmade, one by one, by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in our Cleveland, Ohio production facility.

    Take a look at pictures of custom made epoxy resin river and solid wood kitchen tables, custom built epoxy resin and natural wood conference tables, made-to-order epoxy resin river and live edge dining tables, custom made epoxy resin and solid wood coffee tables and epoxy resin river tables that have been handcrafted by CVCF to our customer’s exact specifications. If you are looking for custom desks, see some of the custom built epoxy resin river and solid wood desks, handmade executive desks, L-shaped desks, custom built home office desks and furniture and handcrafted live edge wood slab desks that CVCF has built, here.

    YouTube Video Uploaded By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On May 19, 2021 Titled “Lake Sunapee Replicated in a CNC Engraved Epoxy Table (CVCF 2021)”

    In this video, furniture designer Sky Ironhorse programs and operates a handheld CNC Router to carve the outline of Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire into the top of a table that is then filled with colored epoxy. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture fulfilled the request of a couple by making this one-of-a-kind dining table for their luxury lake house. CVCF can use a CNC router to carve any real lake or river into the top of a wood table top.

    Prices for custom made river tables start at $1,900+. You can order custom built epoxy and wood dining tables and ocean tables that will be built just the way you want and then shipped to you.

    Video Uploaded To YouTube By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On May 5, 2021 Titled “The Best Custom Epoxy Resin River Tables [2020 Compilation]”

    This video features our best custom furniture (mostly custom river table) projects we’ve produced and delivered throughout the year 2020. Projects ranged widely, from simple live edge walnut desks, to hickory river tables with LED lights and extendable leafs (with LED light up capabilities), and conference river tables with CNC engraved logos.

    Custom Built Live Edge L-Shaped Desk With Storage & Drawers Sold By CVCF In 2015

    The L-shaped corner desk show in this video was custom made with two African mahogany live edge wood slabs. It features hidden storage compartments, a hidden drawer and a hidden shelf for electronics. This handmade solid wood desk was commissioned locally in 2015 from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

    Types Of Custom Built Live Edge Furniture For Sale Locally (U.S. Only) And Online By CVCF

    How to Get Started

    There are several ways you can learn more about our built-to-order custom beds and headboards:

    While rustic beds and headboards are the rage, choose from any style to match your bedroom décor – contemporary, classic, transitional, modern, antique, rustic, cottage, eclectic, or country. Choose your wood – oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, barn wood, repurposed, reclaimed, live edge, and more. Choose your finish – faux, stained, clear, chalk, distressed, oil, crackle, stenciled, antiqued, painted. Choose Ohio’s #1 custom furniture company serving Cuyahoga, Geauga, Portage, and Summit Counties, and all of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania – Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. You’ll be glad you did!

    Photo Gallery And Prices For Custom Furniture For Sale In The USA

    Buy Live Edge Furniture In The USA | Live Edge Dining Tables For Sale | Custom Dining Table Prices Start At $1,800 | Buy A Live Edge Walnut Table And Bench | Buy A Rustic Oak Dining Table For $2,800 On Etsy | Custom Furniture Shipping, Delivery And Assembly Across The USA | Get Live Edge Furniture Ideas | Live Edge Chairs, Outdoor Chairs and Modern Rustic Dining Chairs | Walnut Live Edge Tables For Sale | Order A Walnut Live Edge Table with Brushed Steel Base | Cherry Live Edge Conference Tables For Sale On Etsy For $4,600 | Buy A Live Edge End Table With Custom Steel Legs On Etsy For $2,600 | Wood Slab Tables For Sale | Live Edge Bar Height Tables For Sale | Buy A Live Edge Waterfall Bench Featuring An Epoxy Resin River | Buy A Live Edge Dining Table That Seats 8 People | Rustic Live Edge Dining Tables On Sale | Live Edge Benches For Sale | Kitchen And Dining Benches

    Furniture Delivery and Installation Available In The USA

    When a furniture project is completed, CVCF can deliver it to homes, offices or commercial properties in communities and counties throughout Northeast Ohio. Additionally, we’re taking projects to Western Pennsylvania for customers in the Pittsburgh metro area and Allegheny County. Depending on the complexity of shipping the project, we will serve any customer in the United States. We also assemble and install our furniture. Contact us for details. Our goal is to provide a great product along with unparalleled service to each and every customer. Click here to see customer testimonials and reviews.  To view photos of the custom beds and headboards we build and to learn more about each piece, click on a photo at the top of the page, click on a link below, or visit our Project Gallery.

    How to Order or Purchase Custom Beds and Headboards

    To order or purchase a custom, handcrafted bed and headboard for your home, simply call owner and furniture maker Shel Myeroff at 440-591-5511email Shel, or go to the ‘Request an Estimate‘ page. You can also request a free in-home consultation to discuss your project.