We build completely custom epoxy resin river tables online for families and businesses across the United States. River tables are on the cutting edge of trendy furniture design today- they offer a unique blend of rustic, through the live edge slabs, and modern, in the dyed epoxy resin that is filled and cured within the gaps of wood.

We take custom seriously. Your table is not simply customized. We select a slab specific to your tastes – you can even FaceTime with your representative to choose which slab you want for the tabletop of your project. Epoxy resin and wood layouts can be as simple or complicated as you desire. When your epoxy resin river table is finished, we can ship anywhere within the continental U.S., or install by-hand if you are local to Cleveland, OH.

You can submit your furniture design, or request a build based on one of our customer’s past designs – some of which can be found below, or you can explore our gallery.


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    Let’s start building for you.

    We’ve built custom furniture for folks from all walks of life – including both celebrity artists from Southern California and retired couples in quaint suburban Ohio towns. River tables can take shape as a wide variety of furniture, from coffee tables, nightstands, kitchen tables, and conference tables, to kitchen islands and desks. Rivers can also be custom made into other types of furniture, like wall art and headboards.

    We start with your choice of slab. Then, we flatten the piece, and securely fasten the piece to our working table. Layer by layer, we fill the gaps between each edge of the form, or within the gap(s) of the slab with dyed epoxy resin. Afterwards, the piece is once again flattened and sanded, and then finished with a varnish spray that will make your piece resistant to moisture, most household wear, and most everyday trauma.

    Check out a small selection of custom design options below. Then, check out recent river table designs made for businesses and customers across the U.S.

    See pricing near the bottom of this page.

    Most Popular River Table Wood Choices

    Walnut Wood Grain Example For Custom Furniture


    Maple Wood Grain Example For Custom Furniture




    Cherry Wood Grain Example For Custom Furniture


    Click here to see more customization options & start making your custom table >

    Most Popular River Table Epoxy Resin Colors

    Walnut Table With Black And Copper Epoxy Resin River For River Table

    Click here to see more customization options & start making your custom table >

    Example Pre-Built Bases And Custom Bases Selected By Customers

    Industrial A-Style With Crossbar

    Inner Orbit

    Roman Numeral 2-Style With Crossbar

    Flat Base With Half-Hourglass

    Flat Base With Half-Hourglass


    Click here to see more customization options & start making your custom table >

    River Tables We’ve Built Recently

    Make your way to the gallery and see what customers have been creating with us lately.

    Spalted Maple Sofa River Table With Rustic Handmade Steel Base

    Spalted Sofa Table With Turquoise River $3,500+

    Live Edge Kitchen River Table With White Epoxy Resin

    Live Edge Kitchen River Table With White Epoxy Resin $4,000+

    View Furniture Categories In The Gallery

    Custom River Tables Price Ranges

    Prices vary based on a vast number of factors surrounding the complexity and requirements of your custom table. Factors involving your tabletop include: your species of wood, the amount of epoxy, the thickness of your chosen slab, the length of your table, what kind of embedded items you choose in your table, and if you want the piece to light up with custom LED light installation beneath the resin.

    The legs or base you choose can also greatly impact pricing. Tier I bases are cheaper than Tier II, and Tier II bases will usually be cheaper than completely custom legs or bases. Choosing a custom option with ergonomic functions, or the ability to electronically control the height of the tabletop (making it into a standing table/desk) will increase the net price of your project.

    Small River Tables ($800 – $2800)

    Includes: Coffee Tables, Sofa Tables, End Tables, Nightstands

    Walnut Resin Coffee Table With Storage Inside

    Medium River Tables ($3,500 – $7,500)

    Includes: Kitchen Tables, Dining Tables, Small Conference Tables, Desks

    Large River Tables ($6,500 – $12,000)

    Includes: Medium Conference Tables, Large Office Tables

    Learn How We Make The Highest Quality River Tables In The US

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