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CLEVELAND, OH – In 2017, Sheldon Myeroff retired from his executive recruiting company to pursue his hobby as a furniture maker. Flash forward two years – Sheldon now runs Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, a booming handcrafted furniture company, in a 4000 sq. ft. woodworking shop, employs six full-time furniture makers and a marketing team, and keeps a dry erase board in his office that is filled with orders for his specialty product – epoxy resin river tables.

“Two years ago, I was making barn doors and live edge coffee tables for friends and family”, says Myeroff. “Now I’m getting calls from well-to-do homeowners, posh restaurant owners, and successful business owners in California, Vegas, Miami, Boston – all around the country – who want something really stylish, creative, and original.”

Epoxy resin river tables typically have two live edge wood slabs with a colored epoxy resin pour sandwiched between. The uneven winding edges of the raw wood combined with the translucent epoxy resin give the appearance of a river flowing through the tabletop. This effect can be made even more stunning by adding LED lights beneath the tabletop to create an ethereal glow.

River tables are both an art and an engineering feat. CVCF spent a year-and-a-half perfecting the art of making river tables before launching their first epoxy resin furnishings offerings.

“It was a super challenge”, says VP and Shop Foreman Zach Schulte. “Epoxy has fluid properties that react differently to varying conditions of time, heat, humidity, and other environmental and physical conditions.”

There are other challenges, as well. It can take weeks to make one table considering the numerous layers of epoxy resin required and the hours of drying time needed for each pour layer. In addition, objects are often embedded in the epoxy – rocks, shells, glitter, newspaper articles, and personal memorabilia.

Every piece that CVCF makes is unique to each individual or business because they tell Sheldon what to make based on their own design concept. Most national custom furniture companies don’t really make “custom” furniture – they only let you choose from a limited set of sizes, shapes, colors, and so on. And most local custom furniture companies that make truly original pieces are one-man or one-woman shops that do not have the infrastructure or workforce to keep a national business model going.

CVCF, on the other hand, has developed proprietary online ordering and fulfillment software that makes it possible for customers to submit their own totally original river table design idea, epoxy resin wall art idea, or epoxy resin bed & headboard idea, epoxy resin cutting board idea, epoxy resin decorative wall art idea, or other drawing for CVCF to turn into a CAD drawing for the client’s approval. Then the client is involved in the selection of the actual piece of wood, chooses the exact colors and textures of the epoxy resin, the types of wood or metal legs, and so on. They are then able to follow their furniture via technology as it is being created.

“A river table is the antidote for the craziness going on in the world now”, says Myeroff. “It brings peace, tranquility and natural beauty into the home or office – and that’s what I love about my job.”

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The CVCF Shop Team: Ed Johnson, Administrator; Zach Schulte, VP; Sheldon Myeroff, President; Eric Goodfellow, Woodworker; Chris Lentine, Cabinetmaker; Brandon Watts, Woodworker

About Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

CVCF is a Cleveland-based company that designs and builds authentic handcrafted custom furniture. It was founded by Clevelander Sheldon Myeroff in 2015 in the basement of his Chagrin Falls, OH home. Myeroff previously founded, and has since retired from, Direct Recruiters, Inc., a highly successful executive recruiting company. In 2017, CVCF relocated to a 4,000 sq. ft. showroom/design studio/woodworking facility in Warrensville Heights, Ohio and currently employs six veteran woodworkers who bring their passion and joy to every original project.

Red River Tables For Dragon Tiger Noodle Company

CVCF made 13 river tables for an upscale restaurant in Las Vegas. The epoxy color to match their company brand colors of red and gold.

This 10’ long dining table was delivered to a homeowner in Washington, DC. It is a walnut live edge slab with a jet black epoxy resin river.

A Detroit sports car club wanted an all-purpose river table that could be separated into four tables. They are made with walnut live edge slabs and blue epoxy resin.