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“There’s nothing like the real thing. Costs extra. Looks nicer. It’s more authentic. And you’re gonna love it!” – Sheldon Myeroff, Owner/Craftsman, CVCF

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    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is America’s premier custom furniture company serving Virginia and Fairfax County homes and businesses. We specialize in the design and manufacture of beautiful built-to-order furnishings for:

    • Homeowners
    • Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops
    • Commercial Businesses
    • Hotels And Hospitality Industries
    • Professional Service Firms
    • Interior Designers And Decorators

    CVCF uses authentic solid wood to create our authentic rustic, farmhouse, live edge, epoxy resin, and modern style furnishings. If you have a design idea for a dining table, coffee table, conference table, live edge epoxy resin river table, bed and headboard, interior sliding barn door, reception station, ergonomic desk, cabinet – or any type of furnishing – simply give owner and furniture maker Sheldon Myeroff a call at 440-591-5511.

    You can also fill out the form to the right, visit our submit a design drawing page, or email We will give you an estimate for your project, refine your design for production and for your approval, build the piece, deliver it to your home or place of business, and assemble it on the spot.

    Custom Built Made-To-Order Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table $1,800+ [Extendable] | Rustic Barn Beam Farmhouse Dining Table [Harvest Table]

    Custom Built Sturdy And Simple Made-To-Order Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table $1,800+ [Extendable]

    Custom Made Solid Wood Dining Table $2,600+ [Kitchen Table That Seats 10 | Walnut Live Edge Dining Table

    Custom Made Solid Live Edge Wood Slab Dining Table $2,600+ [Kitchen Table That Seats 10]

    Modern Blue Epoxy Resin River Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table $4,200+ [Custom Ordered]

    Stylish Modern Blue Epoxy Resin River Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table $4,200+ [Custom Ordered]

    Unique Modern Solid Wood Custom Made Coffee Table $800+ [Black Walnut Coffee River Table]

    Unique Modern Solid Wood Custom Handmade Coffee Table $800+ [Black Epoxy Resin] 

    Buy Custom Furniture In Fairfax County VA | $800+ Installation | Woodworkers | Carpenters | Live Edge River Tables | Custom Cabinets And Beds | Wood And Metal Furniture | Submit Your Design Idea

    Buy A Custom Made Round Conference Table $7,000+ | For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) Or Online

    Buy A Custom Made Round Conference Table $7,000+ | For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) Or Online | Pictured Here Is Round Black Epoxy Resin River And Black Walnut Live Edge Conference Table That Was Sold Online By CVCF

    Pictured Here Is Round Black Epoxy Resin River And Black Walnut Live Edge Conference Table That Was Sold Online By CVCF In 2018

    Custom Handmade Conference Room Table Material, Size, Shape And Design Options

    Buy A Custom Built Modern Modular Conference Room Table [System] For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) 12,000+ Any Size, Shape Or Design | Epoxy Resin And Live Edge Conference Tables And Boardroom Tables For Meeting Spaces | Configurable, Expandable, Space Saving, Flexible, Versatile | Office Furniture On Wheels | With Integrated Power And Data | Modular Conference Tables And Modular Meeting Table Sets You'll Love In 2021 | Materials Solid Wood, Epoxy Resin Colors, Steel, Metal, Stone, Glass, Leather, Wood Laminate | Round, Square, Racetrack Oval, Boat Shaped, U-Shaped, V-Shaped Conference Tables

    Buy A Custom Built Modern Modular Conference Room Table [System] For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) 12,000+ Any Size, Shape Or Design

    Buy A Live Edge Epoxy Logo Conference Table Locally (U.S. Only Or Online [Any Size Or Shape]

    Custom Handcrafted Live Edge Epoxy Logo Conference Table $4,500+ [Any Size Or Shape]

    Large High Quality Custom Designed Epoxy Resin River Table $3,000+ [With LED Lights]

    Large High Quality Custom Designed Epoxy Resin River Dining Table $3,000+ [With LED Lights]

    New Long And Wide Modern Handcrafted Custom Conference Room Table $4,500+ [Reclaimed Wood And Steel] | Live Edge Conference Room Table

    New Long And Wide Modern Handcrafted Custom Conference Room Table $4,500+ [Reclaimed Wood And Steel]

    Epoxy Resin "Moving Ocean" Coffee Table $1,000+ [Incredible Ocean Table]

    Epoxy Resin “Moving Ocean” Coffee Table $1,000+ [Incredible Ocean Table]

    Custom Woodworking, Furniture & Epoxy Resin Furnishings in Fairfax County

    Live Edge Tables

    Woodworking Projects

    Epoxy Resin River Furniture And Tables

    View Full Project Gallery

    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is nationally known for our live edge epoxy resin wood furniture, including river tables, headboards, and wall art that feature live edge solid wood slabs and epoxy resin in any color and texture you desire. Please complete the form to the right to inquire about or to order custom furniture. View pictures of river tables that CVCF recently designed, built and delivered to customers in Virginia and other parts of the U.S in 2020. Watch a video showing how we created a 19′ CNC engraved Mississippi River conference table from wood, epoxy resin and steel, here. This black walnut river table was handcrafted for the corporate conference room of the Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association, which is located in Louisiana. View pictures of river tables that CVCF recently designed, built and delivered to customers in the U.S in 2020.

    Not only is our furniture unique, our processes are unique as well. We are one of the only true custom furniture companies in the USA capable of designing building, delivering, and installing pieces for clients in cities coast to coast, including Fairfax County. Our packing, shipping, and installing expertise allows us to serve homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels, and interior designers throughout the continental United States. We’ve perfected online ordering and project management of custom furniture to ensure the custom furniture you order is the custom furniture you receive. And our large manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio can support large custom orders that other custom furniture workshops can’t.

    Another advantage is that CVCF is a “real” custom furniture company – not a company that claims they make custom furniture but only lets you choose designs from a limited number of options. With your input, our made-to-order furniture is designed by experienced furniture designers. It’s made with real wood – not veneer, particle board, plywood or cheap wood from places like China. It’s built from scratch by our team of artisans using tried-and-true woodworking, carpentry, and cabinetmaking techniques – not collected from a warehouse full of parts and assembled in a mass production plant. National retail furniture stores such as Ikea, and online stores such as Etsy and Wayfair may claim they make custom furniture, but they limit your choices of sizes and styles to whatever they have prebuilt to keep in stock. At CVCF, you tell us what size and style you need and we deliver – literally!

    CVCF is the place “Where Rustic Meets Modern”. We make authentic rustic furniture with a modern twist – often combining rustic materials with metal legs or accents. Our goal is to bring the peace, tranquility and calm of real natural wood products into homes and businesses with a contemporary décor. To get authentic custom furniture prices or to contract your own custom furniture, you can contact us using one of the links below.

    To get authentic custom furniture prices or to contract your own custom furniture, you can contact us using one of the links below.

    Live Edge Epoxy Resin Furniture and River Tables

    Detachable 4-piece Live Edge River Conference Table

    • Detroit, Michigan
    • Installed April, 2019
    • $10,000

    Live Edge Maroon River Dining Table

    • Aurora, OH
    • Installed in July, 2019
    • $3,800
    Waterfall Table

    Live Edge Waterfall Bench And Coffee Table

    • Installed in Warrensville Heights, OH
    • Built in November, 2018
    • $1,499.00
    White Oak Blue Epoxy Resin Wall Hanging

    Epoxy Resin Wall Art

    • Installed in Cleveland, OH
    • April, 2019
    •  $900+
    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture makes custom furniture that features colored epoxy resin inlays or rivers running through your choice of real, solid wood types. CVCF consistently displays the kind of originality of design and quality of material that high-end designers, homeowners, and business owners crave. CVCF designs, handcrafts, ships, delivers and assembles custom live edge epoxy resin conference tables, dining tables, beds and headboards, desks, coffee tables and wall art with different epoxy resin styles, colors, and wood types for homeowners and businesses in the Northern Virginia area. Prices for furnishings with epoxy resin rivers or inlays start at $800.

    Epoxy resin rivers are created by placing two live edge slabs of wood in a shadow box and leaving empty space between the slabs for the epoxy. The resin is then mixed and poured between the slabs layer by layer until it tops off. Epoxy resin “lakes” and “puddles” are created when raw wood slabs with natural gouges, cracks, or indents are filled with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin “oceans” are pieces of furniture made with a wide swath of epoxy, sometimes with no wood at all!

    From our popular turquoise blue, to magma red, to forest green, to a wide variety of greys and blacks, to a truly transparent clear epoxy, we can make an unlimited number of epoxy colors to match or complement your home or office décor. We also mix and match these colors to create two-tone or three-tone epoxy resin rivers and inlays. Add optional LED lighting under the epoxy for a stunning 3-D glowing effect. The texture of the river can be whatever you desire – gently flowing, a raging torrent, a swirling vortex, and more. For effect, we can embed colored flecks, flakes, glitter, small stones, gems, confetti, pictures, maps, newspaper, shells, coins – you name it – into the river!

    Choose from a large variety of wood species including oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, and many people’s favorite species… black walnut. Then we add custom wood or metal legs and bases to ensure a smooth even surface that will not warp and will not wobble over time. You can also breathe easier when we tell you that our epoxy resin is environmentally friendly, completely non-toxic and free of VOC’s and fumes. See our video, “The Making of a River Table”, on YouTube.

    Walnut river tables are very popular in the USA in 2019 because the kiln dried dark-colored, straight grained true heartwood contrasts so vividly with a blue epoxy resin river. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture loves to make custom designed tables and other woodworking projects from solid black walnut wood slabs because it is both beautiful and workable. Although it is not as readily available in the USA, CVCF has several personal sources for this cherished wood. American black walnut is the darling of the CVCF craftsmen. CVCF designs, handcrafts ships, delivers and assembles black walnut river tables, epoxy resin furniture and live edge waterfall benches for customers in the Northern Virginia area. Prices for small walnut river coffee tables start at $825.

    If you have an epoxy resin furniture design in mind, simply provide CVCF with your idea in writing, or make a hand drawn or computer generated rendering, to receive a quote for your woodworking project. We will bring your idea to life in our design studio and build it in our state-of-the-art workshop. We are happy to accommodate your wants and desires in any design. Learn more about epoxy resin “river” furniture on the pages below:

    Prices ranges for epoxy resin river tables vary depending upon the size of the furniture, fabrication complexity, types of metal legs or bases and species of wood slabs. Discounted pricing is available for epoxy resin furniture contract manufacturing of multiple tables or pieces of furniture for restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitality and commercial firms. Shipping, delivery and assembly prices are not included below.

    • Small Resin River Tables: $800 to $1,200
    • Epoxy Resin River Coffee Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
    • Epoxy Resin River Side Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
    • Epoxy Resin River Entryway Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
    • Epoxy Resin River Sofa Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
    • Epoxy Resin River End Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
    • Epoxy Resin River Kitchen Tables: $2,800 to 3400
    • Epoxy Resin River Dining Tables: $3,800 to $5,800
    • Epoxy Resin River Conference Tables: $3,800 to $5,800
    • Live Edge Epoxy Resin River Tables: $1,200 to $1,800
    • Epoxy River Tables With Waterfalls: $1,400 to $2,000
    • Epoxy Resin River Benches: $1,200 to $1,600
    • Epoxy Resin River Headboards: $1,200 to $1,800

    Here’s how to contact Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture with any questions or to order custom epoxy resin river furniture and river tables.

    Design Your Own Furniture for CVCF to Build

    CVCF normally designs furniture for our customers, or we collaborate with our clients to design custom furniture, which we then handcraft and assemble. However, if you design your own furniture, we will build it, install and assemble it for you. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture that you would like CVCF to build, simply send us your idea, sketch, rendering, or CAD drawing. If you are really serious about designing your own custom furniture, it is wise to invest in some drafting tools, drafting equipment, and drafting supplies that can help you design like a pro. There are also apps and software packages available to help you create custom furniture designs. After reviewing your design and making any refinements we deem necessary (with your approval), we will build it, install and assemble it for you.

    Choosing the raw materials for your custom built furniture is fun! There are dozens of types of woods you can select – live edge wood slabs, reclaimed wood, barn wood, oak, walnut and more. You can choose from metal, alloy, aluminum, steel and wrought iron. The glass options are numerous. Their are hundreds of types of stains, primers, varnishes, epoxy resins and polyurethanes. At some point, you will want to consider hardware and fasteners options. If you are designing or building a custom couch, you will want to ponder the different types of fibers, fabrics, textiles and upholstery. If you like Western furniture you may want to use leather. If you want to give a finished look to your furniture, you will want to get an understanding of decorative laminates. Even choices in plastics and vinyl come into play when designing and making custom furniture.

    To submit your design idea for a quote, call 440-591-5511, email, or click here. You can submit your custom furniture design idea and get a price for fabrication and assembly.

    Delivery and Installation for Customers in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia

    With our headquarters nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful Chagrin Valley outside of Cleveland Ohio, we deliver to homes, businesses, restaurants, bars and hotels in cities and counties throughout the continental United States, including Fairfax County, Virginia. People who desire high quality furniture with entirely original designs trust Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture because they know we’ll deliver a project on time and with the beauty and precision they expect. Read our customer testimonials and see for yourself what they’re saying about us. For locations within driving distance of Cleveland, we can deliver the furniture right to your home or office in our “You’ll Love It!” van and install it on site. For locations in states farther away, we ship your furniture by experienced carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx and provide white glove installation for you.

    This walnut dining room table with black epoxy resin and a gold-colored metal base was delivered and installed in Washington D.C. in July, 2019.

    Compare the Custom Furniture Manufacturers in Fairfax County, VA and the USA

    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shares the art of custom furniture manufacturing with a wide range of respected companies who manufacture their high-end
    products in Fairfax County and throughout the USA. These high end furniture designers offer a variety of exclusive furniture options from rustic to modern,
    new to vintage/used: Thomas Moser Furniture is committed to simplicity in design with a modern look, Joybird features mid-century modern inspired furniture, and Farmhouse Furniture makes rustic, farmhouse and reclaimed wood furniture. There are several high end Maine wood furniture makers, including Chilton’s Furniture that specializes in Scandinavian, cottage, live edge and arts & crafts styles.

    Some of the top American made bedroom furniture manufacturers include Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company, The Spruce, and Bassett. There are many
    Amish furniture makers in Northern Virginia and neighboring Maryland who are excellent craftsman and make extremely high-end custom furniture. Check out
    Countryside Amish Furniture, Amish Direct Furniture, and Amish Outlet Store. You’ll find plenty of high end furniture online at e-commerce furniture sites such as Custom Made, and Etsy.

    CVCF also has a national ecommerce site called Live Edge Furniture Company that sells ready-to-ship rustic and live edge furniture to your home or place of business. And talk about exclusive high-end furniture! Top exclusive luxury furniture maker Essential Home has posh high end furniture stores in London and Paris and has come out with a top 10 list of the top exclusive luxury furniture brands.

    There are several custom furniture makers who manufacture their products in the Fairfax County area, including R-Home Furniture, Mill End Shop, Haverty’s, Arhaus, and BIF USA. Home Advisor and Angie’s List can recommend local furniture making pros for your project. Compare, and we think you’ll see why designers, homeowners and business owners around the country choose Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture when they want true furniture art.

    How to Purchase Custom Furniture from CVCF

    Purchasing handcrafted custom designed furniture in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is easy. You can start the custom furniture ordering process here or you can request a brochure, request an estimate or price quote or visit our design studio and showroom outside Cleveland, Ohio, if you want to make the trip. You can also request a free design consultation which can be conducted in person, by phone or through the use of Skype or FaceTime.

    You can submit your custom furniture design and get a price for fabrication and assembly. Learn how to order custom designed high-end wood furniture for sale in the United States with prices starting at $800.  When you buy completely 100% custom furniture or a woodworking project from CVCF you choose ALL the materials and you also approve the design drawings. Simply follow the steps below and you can be assured the piece you envision for your home is the piece we handcraft and deliver to your home.

    CVCF normally designs furniture for our customers, or we collaborate with our clients to design custom furniture, which we then handcraft and assemble. However, if you design your own furniture, we will build it, install and assemble it for you. To submit your design drawings or CAD drawing for a quote, call 440-591-5511, email or click here. If you’re buying for a restaurant, visit our dedicated restaurants page. If you’re buying for some other commercial property, please check out our contract furniture page.

    See How To Make An Epoxy Resin Waterfall Table

    See How To Submit Your Furniture Design And Get It Built

    It Starts with a Call

    A common store-bought piece of furniture starts with a visit to the nearest furniture outlet, but a beautiful, handcrafted piece of custom furniture starts with a call to Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture at 440-591- 5511. Talk to owner/craftsman Sheldon Myeroff about your custom furniture project and ask him any questions that are on your mind. Learn about our studio, our artisans, our capabilities and the advantages of our handcrafted custom furniture over ordinary furniture. You can call Shel any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am – 5pm. If you prefer, you can email him at, or go to the request an estimate page to fill out and submit the form.

    Design Consultation

    No other furniture can fulfill both your aesthetic desires and functional needs like custom handcrafted wood furniture from CVCF. Much of that has to do with the “home” work we put in before even starting your project. As part of our free consultation, we explore your vision for the project, we get to know your home or place of business where the piece will live, as well its size requirements. We’ll share our thoughts for potential designs, types of woods, stains and finishes, and discuss other important details that will go into creating your one-of- a-kind piece of custom furniture. Do you want your furniture built from natural wood, reclaimed wood, or are you repurposing other wood furnishings? Do you prefer a natural stain, faux finish, or painted surface? If there is an opportunity to incorporate glass and metal into your project, we can do that too. You have many decisions to make and we can help. You are encouraged to send pictures of the space where the furniture will go, as well as pictures of any furniture that might help us in creating your one-of-a-kind piece. You can also send your original design idea, a design drawing, or CAD drawing for us to replicate as a custom piece of furniture. When we complete the design consultation, we will both have a thorough understanding of the direction of the project as well as the approximate cost based on this initial meeting.

    Sketches and Schematics

    Before we ever put saw to wood, we put pen to paper. After our consultation, the expert furniture designers create a sketch of the project for your review. We will send you pictures of our ideas via email. At this point, we can modify the design to incorporate any suggestions you have until the look of the piece is precisely what you want. Then we create a final computer-rendered CAD drawing with every exact detail of the piece and submit it to you for final approval.

    Design Review and Approval

    Like what you see? Give us the go-ahead and we will give you a projected completion date, delivery/installation date, and final price. Now let’s get started on the handcrafted custom wood furniture of your dreams!

    Making Your Furniture

    Throughout the custom furniture making process, we keep you informed on the progress by providing updates of your custom piece as it is handcrafted with precision, care and love. If you see something you want changed in the design, let’s do it! If we see something that we feel will improve the final product, we’ll let you know. Then you make the decision if you want it done. This process ensures that your finished piece of handcrafted custom furniture is of the highest quality and exactly what you desire!

    Furniture Review and Approval

    When your project is completed, we will send you pictures for your approval. Give a thumbs up and we’ll discuss delivery options with you.

    Completion and Delivery

    After your approval, we carefully box the furniture and take a picture of the piece in the box for reference should it become damaged en route. We ship by trusted carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx. If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, we can deliver the goods to you in our “You’ll Love It” van. To learn more about delivery, inspection, and the returns process, click here.


    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Sheldon at 440-591-5511 or email You are a valued customer and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your furniture.

    Types of Custom Furniture CVCF Makes

    Starting at $800

    Below is a list of the types of top-quality custom furniture we make. Of course, as a real custom furniture maker, CVCF can make whatever your heart desires – any design, any wood material, any style, any type. Our custom furniture prices start at $800.

    To view photos of custom furniture we design and build, and to learn more about each piece, click on a link below.

    Wood Types Used to Create Our Custom Furniture, Tables, Desks, Shelves, Interior Barn Doors and Other Woodworking and Carpentry Projects

    CVCF uses only the finest quality wood slabs from a wide variety of wood species to create our handcrafted custom furniture and other custom wood projects.
    These include:

    • Slabs of African and American Mahogany
    • Distressed Wood and Seasoned Old Growth Lumber
    • Old Barn Wood, Antique Barn Beams and Vintage Barn Siding can be used as infrastructure such as legs and cabinets below the slabs.
    • Reclaimed Wood and Reclaimed Flooring
    • Recycled, Salvaged and Repurposed Wood and Lumber
    • Live Edge Slabs and Natural Edge Slabs such as Walnut, Sassafras, Ash and Chestnut, Cherry, Oak, Birch, Pine and many others.
    • ‘Spalted Maple’ (Wood with Dark Contrasting Streaks and Lines)
    • High Quality Kiln-Dried Hardwoods Native to Ohio, United States and exotic international woods.
    • Extreme or Extra Gnarly, Burly, Curly or Figured Logs and Wood
    If you think rustic-style furniture is only for log cabins and country homes, nothing could be further from the truth. Rustic furniture from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is finding its way into rooms and homes of every style and décor thanks to the modern twist we give to every piece we design and create. Take aged barn wood from one of the 100-hundred-year-plus barns here in Ohio, add some custom made modern-style legs, and suddenly you have a great table that goes perfectly in any room in your home! All of our rustic tables, live edge tables, and harvest, farm and farmhouse tables can be given a modern treatment to suit your taste and to complement your décor. Only at CVCF does rustic furniture and a modern look go together so…naturally!
    Live Edge Table For Taylors

    Customer Engagement is the Difference

    Located in the quaint Chagrin Valley town of Chagrin Falls, CVCF is known for our small town values and for providing homeowners and business owners with a superior customer experience – what we call “customer engagement”. Before we begin a project, we get to know you, your spaces, and your vision for the project. Then you add your input throughout the design process. If you wish, you can choose the exact slab or slabs of wood that we will use. Then you are kept fully informed on the progress of your piece in our workshop with photos that we email as we build it. Of course, in the end, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! At CVCF, our goal is to make our furniture as unique as the customers we build them for. Click here to see customer testimonials and reviews.

    Serving Cities and Counties In Fairfax County and in Northern Virginia

    CVCF is proud to serve the Northern Virginia and Fairfax County area, including the following cities and counties:

    Counties We Serve:

    • Arlington County
    • Loudoun County
    • Montgomery County (MD)
    • Prince George’s County (MD)
    • Charles County (MD)

    Cities We Serve:

    • Alexandria
    • Annandale
    • Burke
    • Centreville
    • Chantilly
    • Clifton
    • Dunn Loring
    • Fairfax
    • Fairfax Station
    • Falls Church
    • Fort Belvoir
    • Great Falls
    • Herndon
    • Lorton
    • McLean
    • Oakton
    • Reston
    • Springfield
    • Vienna
    • West McLean

    Custom Wood and Metal Legs and Bases as Unique as Our Tabletops

    When it comes to innovations in table designs, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture doesn’t stop with the top. Legs and bases are an integral feature of every table we make, and that’s why we make our custom wood and metal bases as unique as the rest of the piece. Not only are they sturdy and reliable, they are works of art in their own right. Other furniture stores and websites may have unique tabletops, but the legs and bases are usually standard stock. Not at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

    The skilled artisans at CVCF are experts at turned and carved wood table legs as well as sculpted wood bases in a variety of shapes and styles, including: rustic legs and bases, live edge legs and bases, and modern legs and bases. We use a variety of woods to create either a harmonious or contrasting look to the tabletop. A modern base with a rustic tabletop is awesome!

    Our custom-made iron, wrought iron, steel, aluminum and metal bases are specially designed and fabricated by veteran metal craftsman Paul Hadley. Metal legs generally incorporate a modern or industrial design and, in combination with the wood tabletop, fit in with any décor from rustic to traditional to modern. Choose your color, finish, style, shape, dimension, decorations and embellishments to complete your piece just the way you want it.

    Order Custom Built Furniture And Have It Assembled In Your Home Or Business | Types Of Handmade Wood And Metal Furniture For Sale

    Custom Farmhouse Dining Table Sold Locally [Industrial Base]

    In this video, furniture maker Shel Myeroff, owner of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, talks with local customers Matt and Molly from Chagrin Falls, Ohio about the high quality made-to-order extendable farmhouse dining room table that CVCF custom built for them.

    After an initial furniture design consultation, CVCF furniture builders set off to handcraft the rustic, yet modern and simple, farmhouse dining table from 100-year-old reclaimed oak wood beams, sustainably sourced from a barn in Southern Ohio.

    The expert CVCF craftsmen at the Cleveland, Ohio workshop, completely customized the farmhouse dining table by adding a sturdy and durable industrial style metal (steel) base. This video shows all the attention to detail, including the welds and the two pullout inserts. The comfortable farmhouse dining table is 128 inches long when fully extended. Now Matt and Molly are living happily ever after with their new beautiful, and very unique, solid wood farmhouse dining table.

    Listen to the couple talk about the exceptional customer service they received from CVCF. Find out how they got helpful design ideas from Shel for their custom table. Get their thoughts on the remarkable workmanship provided by CVCF craftspeople.

    Because pine is inexpensive, it is frequently used by America artisans to make farmhouse tables (also know as a farm table or harvest table) tops. For the farmhouse table shown in this video, CVCF used more expensive oak barn beams because they will last for generations (they already lasted over 100 years in a barn) and because the cut beams display a more authentic style and absorb wood stains more effectively.

    The country living inspired design style of the charming contemporary farmhouse dining table shown in this video, combines clean sleek lines with a cozy and warm farmhouse feel. This homey style of farmhouse furniture and décor certainly has not gone out of style.

    Popular farmhouse style furniture made by CVCF typically incorporates versatile traditional aesthetics and industrial components (legs and bases) to convey a fresher character and a more relaxing appeal than rustic furniture and décor.

    Truly custom farmhouse furniture and farmhouse dining tables are handcrafted by CVCF in any design style that the client wants. Exact sizes, dimensions, shapes and wood species are specified by the customers. CVCF ships custom built farmhouse tables to homes, restaurants and businesses in all 50 states.

    • See pictures of the table shown in this video.
    • Watch videos and see inspiring photos of custom built farmhouse tables, farm tables and harvest tables sold locally (U.S. only) and online in 2020, here.
    • Buy a custom table locally (U.S.) near you or online [Prices From $1,500+]
    • If you are looking for an “in stock” farmhouse table, rustic farmhouse dining table set or farmhouse kitchen table set, shop online at Kirkland’s, here.
    • Buy a farmhouse table or dining table from Pottery Barn, here.
    • Order a rustic or farmhouse table online at Wayfair, here.
    • Shop online for a farmhouse table, farmhouse kitchen table or farmhouse dining table at Overstock, here.
    • If you are looking for a used farmhouse dining table, try Facebook Marketplace.
    • Choose from thousands of common prefabricated farmhouse tables on Etsy.
    • Shop for a farmhouse dining table online at CustomMade, here.
    • If you want a real 100% custom farmhouse dining room table or farmhouse kitchen table, contact CVCF to request a quote, here, call 440-591-5511 or email
    • Find out more about custom farmhouse dining tables for sale locally (U.S. only) near you or online, here.
    • View pictures of CVCF farmhouse tables on Instagram.
    • Connect with CVCF to learn about custom built farmhouse tables on Facebook.
    • Browse photos of CVCF’s farmhouse tables on Pinterest.
    • It is worth taking a look at some cool custom epoxy resin river dining tables, kitchen islands and conference tables sold by CVCF on Etsy.

    CVCF creates authentic one-of-a-kind farmhouse tables and a customer experience unlike any other in the furniture industry. Commissioning a farmhouse table from CVCF is fun and rewarding, start to finish. From the table design to the creation, CVCF invite their clients to “get involved”. CVCF always strives to exceed customer expectations.

    Custom Built Live Edge L-Shaped Desk With Storage & Drawers Sold By CVCF In 2015

    The L-shaped corner desk show in this video was custom made with two African mahogany live edge wood slabs. It features hidden storage compartments, a hidden drawer and a hidden shelf for electronics. This handmade solid wood desk was commissioned locally in 2015 from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

    Types Of Custom Built Live Edge Furniture For Sale Locally (U.S. Only) And Online By CVCF

    How to Get Started

    There are several ways to learn more about or to order our custom furniture from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture: