General Price Ranges For Custom Furniture Made By CVCF

This is the typical price range for each category of projects we produce, made from authentic local hardwoods.

The price of your custom project may vary depending on the following factors:

  • The style and complexity of the chosen legs/base
  • The wood species
  • The wood thickness
  • The whether or not your project includes a live edge
  • The use of epoxy resin in the design
  • The level of complexity you’re looking for in your legs/base.

On average, from signing to delivery, you can expect an approximate 90 day wait until your custom furniture arrives to your home or business.

Prices seen here do not include shipping. Shipping prices are available at the bottom of this page.

Dining Room Tables ($4000-$12,000)

Small Dining Room Table Made With Elm Wood And Authentic Seashells

Small Dining Tables

($4,000 – $5,500)

Seats 4-6

Medium Dining Room Table For Sale With Walnut Wood And Black Epoxy River

Medium Dining Tables

($6,000 – $9,000)

Seats 6-8

Large Walnut Dining Room Table With Green Epoxy Resin River Sold Online In 2020

Large Dining Tables

($7,000 – $12,000)

Seats 8+

Kitchen Tables ($3,500-$12,000)

Small Harvest Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Tables

($3,500 – $5,000)

Seats 2-4

Medium Kitchen Table With Live Edge Bench And Blue Resin River

Medium Kitchen Tables

($5,800 – $7,000)

Seats 4-6

Live Edge Walnut Kitchen Table

Large Kitchen Tables

($8,000 – $12,000)

Seats 6+

Coffee Tables/Sofa Tables/End Tables ($3,000-$6,000)

Round Walnut Coffee Table With Pearl Resin River Sold Online in 2020

Coffee Tables ($3,500-$5,000)

Spalted Maple With Blue River Sofa Table Sold Online In 2020

Sofa Tables ($3,500-$6,000)

Walnut And Cherry Side Tables With Green Epoxy Resin Sold Online In 2020

End Tables ($2,000-$3,500)

Conference Room Tables ($7,000-$18,000)

Small Conference Table With Blue Resin River Made With Walnut Sold Online In 2020

Small Conference Tables


Seats 6-8

Medium Conference Tables


Seats 8-10

Large Walnut Conference River Table With Mississippi River Table CNC Engraved

Large Conference Tables


Seats 10+

Custom Desks ($4,000 – $9000)

Simple Black Walnut Desk With Black Epoxy Resin River Sold Locally In 2020

Simple Desks ($4,000-$5,500)

L-Shaped Live Edge Walnut Desk With Drawers Sold Online In 2020

L-Shaped Desks ($6,500-$9,000)

Custom Rustic Oak Desk With Drawers Sold Locally In 2019

Desks With Drawers ($4,000-6,500)

Countertops & Kitchen Islands ($3,200-$10,000)

Rustic Oak Countertop

Breakfast Bars ($3,200-$7,000)

Rustic Oak L-Shaped Countertop Sold Online In 2020

Countertops ($3,500-$7,000)

Walnut Kitchen Island With White Pearl Resin Sold Online In 2020

Kitchen Islands ($6,500-$10,000)

Interior Sliding Doors ($2,200-$7,100)

Single Rustic Barn Door
Modern Sliding Doors
Walnut River Barn Doors With Blue Resin River Sold In Ohio
Double Barn Doors

Single Doors ($2,200-$3,000)

Sets ($4,000-$9,000)

Custom Beds & Headboards ($5,000-$10,000)

Custom Barnwood Bed

Full Frame & Headboard Set ($8,000-$15,000)

Mahogany Bed And Headboard

Headboards ($6,500-$8,000)

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Other Custom Furniture Costs

Adding An Epoxy Resin River

(Approx + $800-$2,500 All Else Equal)

White Oak Wood With Blue Resin River
Walnut Table With Black And Copper Epoxy Resin River For River Table
Emerald Epoxy Resin In A River Table
Black And White Resin River In A River Table

Adding A CNC Logo Onto Tabletop

(Approx + $1,000+ All Else Equal)

CNC Logo Conference Table With Company Etched Design
CNC Logo Lettering In River Table Filled With Resin

Ergonomic Functionality

(Approx. + $800 All Else Equal)

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Walnut Black Resin Set To Low
Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Walnut Black Resin Set To Standing

Shipping & Crating Costs (In The Continental U.S.)

(Add $900 – $1,200 Depending On Furniture Size And Distance From Cleveland, OH)

Crating An Epoxy Resin River Table
Shipping An Epoxy Resin River Table