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The southeasternmost most U.S. state is known for it’s beaches. Our coastal design style furniture, beach house décor, epoxy resin ‘river’ and wood dining tables, ocean tables and waterfall tables are very popular with retirees and people who live along the rivers, lakeshores, waterways and the coast of Florida.

YouTube Video: Custom Wood & Epoxy Dining & Kitchen Tables for Sale Online [Costs, Sizes, Modern Tops, Live Edge]

Custom Epoxy River Tables For Sale Locally & Online

You can buy custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin and wood dining tables and epoxy resin and live edge wood countertops for sale locally or online at Buy a natural live edge wood table. You can call CVCF at 440-591-5511. Get design ideas in the CVCF project gallery before you submit you table design idea and request a quote online. You can even start designing your own custom furniture, desk or table online with this free app.

YouTube Video Uploaded By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On July 26, 20221 Titled “CNC Carved Epoxy-Filled Topographic Tables | Mapped River, Lake, Waterway, Ocean Tables [CVCF 2021]”

In this video, you’ll see really amazing custom tables with the center of the tabletop carved out to replicate the shapes of bodies of water in the U.S. and then filled with colored epoxy. You’ll watch how these CNC carved topographical epoxy tables with ACTUAL mapped rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, islands, bays, seashores are handmade, one by one, by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in our Cleveland, Ohio production facility.

Take a look at pictures of custom made epoxy resin river and solid wood kitchen tables, custom built epoxy resin and natural wood conference tables, made-to-order epoxy resin river and live edge dining tables, custom made epoxy resin and solid wood coffee tables and epoxy resin river tables that have been handcrafted by CVCF to our customer’s exact specifications. If you are looking for custom desks, see some of the custom built epoxy resin river and solid wood desks, handmade executive desks, L-shaped desks, custom built home office desks and furniture and handcrafted live edge wood slab desks that CVCF has built, here.

YouTube Video Uploaded By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On May 19, 2021 Titled “Lake Sunapee Replicated in a CNC Engraved Epoxy Table (CVCF 2021)”

In this video, furniture designer Sky Ironhorse programs and operates a handheld CNC Router to carve the outline of Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire into the top of a table that is then filled with colored epoxy. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture fulfilled the request of a couple by making this one-of-a-kind dining table for their luxury lake house. CVCF can use a CNC router to carve any real lake or river into the top of a wood table top.

Prices for custom made river tables start at $1,900+. You can order custom built epoxy and wood dining tables and ocean tables that will be built just the way you want and then shipped to you.

Video Uploaded To YouTube By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture On May 5, 2021 Titled “The Best Custom Epoxy Resin River Tables [2020 Compilation]”

This video features our best custom furniture (mostly custom river table) projects we’ve produced and delivered throughout the year 2020. Projects ranged widely, from simple live edge walnut desks, to hickory river tables with LED lights and extendable leafs (with LED light up capabilities), and conference river tables with CNC engraved logos.

People who have discovered the undeniable allure of life by the sea buy custom made furniture from CVCF because of our ability to design high-end water and beach themed furniture. CVCF designs and builds beach style custom furniture, custom dining tables and custom made computer desks for Florida homes, gated communities, boats, hotels, RVs, restaurants and offices.

Because CVCF’s customers are attracted to the picturesque seaside landscapes of Florida, many of the bespoke dining tables, customized coffee tables, one-of-a-kind table tops and kitchen island replacement tops we build incorporate moving ocean waves or rivers made by combining layers of blue epoxy resin layered over natural wood slabs.

The skyrocketing demand for second homes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale has kept the luxury furniture makers at CVCF busy designing, building and shipping custom handcrafted dining tables, home office desks and coffee tables to Florida. The 2020 pandemic has also kept our custom furniture designers busy collaborating with high-end homeowners that want a piece of statement furniture for their vacation homes.


Buy A Custom Made Round Conference Table $7,000+ | For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) Or Online | Pictured Here Is Round Black Epoxy Resin River And Black Walnut Live Edge Conference Table That Was Sold Online By CVCF

Buy A Custom Made Round Conference Table $7,000+ | For Sale Locally Near You (U.S. Only) Or Online | Pictured Here Is Round Black Epoxy Resin River And Black Walnut Live Edge Conference Table That Was Sold Online By CVCF In 2018

Custom Built Made-To-Order Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table $1,800+ [Extendable] | Rustic Barn Beam Farmhouse Dining Table [Harvest Table]

Custom Built Sturdy And Simple Made-To-Order Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table $1,800+ [Extendable]

Custom Made Solid Wood Dining Table $2,600+ [Kitchen Table That Seats 10 | Walnut Live Edge Dining Table

Custom Made Solid Live Edge Wood Slab Dining Table $2,600+ [Kitchen Table That Seats 10]

Modern Blue Epoxy Resin River Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table $4,200+ [Custom Ordered]

Stylish Modern Blue Epoxy Resin River Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table $4,200+ [Custom Ordered]

Unique Modern Solid Wood Custom Made Coffee Table $800+ [Black Walnut Coffee River Table]

Unique Modern Solid Wood Custom Handmade Coffee Table $800+ [Black Epoxy Resin] 

How Do You Make A River Table?

100+ River Tables ideas | How To Build A Massive Epoxy Resin River Table | John Malecki
Check out my building of a MASSIVE epoxy resin river table, complete with a hot-to for building it yourself!

100+ River Tables! Ideas | Pinterest Collection by Homecrux
This live edge river dining table has stones along the banks. Live edge tables have become one of the most sought after furniture styles in the last few years. They can be a focal element in any space.

20+ River Tables You Can Buy in 2020 [Homecrux July 20, 2020]
Want elegance of rivers in your living room? Here’re 20+ unique river tables that bring fluidity & curves of water bodies to your home.

Buy A Live Edge Epoxy Logo Conference Table Locally (U.S. Only Or Online [Any Size Or Shape]

Custom Handcrafted Live Edge Epoxy Logo Conference Table $4,500+ [Any Size Or Shape]

Large High Quality Custom Designed Epoxy Resin River Table $3,000+ [With LED Lights]

Large High Quality Custom Designed Epoxy Resin River Dining Table $3,000+ [With LED Lights]

New Long And Wide Modern Handcrafted Custom Conference Room Table $4,500+ [Reclaimed Wood And Steel] | Live Edge Conference Room Table

New Long And Wide Modern Handcrafted Custom Conference Room Table $4,500+ [Reclaimed Wood And Steel]

Epoxy Resin "Moving Ocean" Coffee Table $1,000+ [Incredible Ocean Table]

Epoxy Resin “Moving Ocean” Coffee Table $1,000+ [Incredible Ocean Table]

Custom Furniture Design, Woodworking, Carpentry And Cabinetry Services In Florida

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture provides custom woodworking, carpentry and cabinetry services for customers in Florida. We make beautiful, one-of-a-kind, live edge epoxy resin river tables, custom desks, farmhouse tables, custom dining tables, custom conference tables, commercial table tops, custom live edge furniture, and reclaimed wood furniture for homes and businesses throughout Florida.

CVCF handcrafts high quality modern and rustic custom furniture and décor for families in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Key West, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, Boca Raton, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie and other Florida communities. View pictures of river tables that CVCF recently designed, built and delivered to customers in Florida and other areas of the U.S in 2020. Watch a video of CVCF building a 19′ conference table with a CNC engraved epoxy resin Mississippi River.

Please use the information on this page to help you design your own table or desk, which you can then submit to us for a quote. You can also complete the form at the bottom of the page in order to pass on your design ideas to CVCF. Feel free to call 440-591-5511 or email for more information, get an estimate, or place an order for a custom table or desk. CVCF also sells river tables that are in stock here. Learn how the highest quality river tables and custom wood and metal furnishings are handcrafted for clients in Florida, here.

This page explains options for epoxy resin river tables custom made by CVCF. Our customers in Florida choose the type of live edge wood slab – for example, black walnut. Our clients chose the colors, such as blue or teal, of the epoxy resin river. When we receive an order from anyone in the USA, they specify the width and length of the river table and decide on the seating capacity. Our customers often choose to have objects embedded into the epoxy resin river. These objects are often rocks, sea shells, glass, stones, LED lights, fish, crystals, bullets and crayons. Our clients also choose their favorite river table legs or bases. Business customers often choose to have CVCF make epoxy resin tables with custom engravings or business logos.

To help you in the designing process, this page shows you a sampling of custom river table options for epoxy resin colors, various wood species that are ideal for these tables, custom legs that we have designed, and custom accessories—objects that we can embed in the epoxy, LED lighting, etc. At the bottom of the page, you will find a simple form to fill out to inquire about pricing or to order a table. You can check the “options” boxes or, if you don’t see the options you want, check “other” to describe what you want. You can also attach a sketch, rendering, photograph, or CAD drawing of the table you have in mind. CVCF will call you back to discuss pricing and the details for your epoxy resin river table.

How I Built a Booming Custom Furniture Business Online
Posted On YouTube On December 31, 2020 By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture []

This video shows you how Sheldon Myeroff turned his custom furniture making hobby into a profitable international custom furniture making company – all after retirement! Success came primarily from specialization with a focus on designing, building and selling custom-made river (epoxy) tables and rustic and modern custom made barn doors. A “river table” is two pieces of natural wood with a river of epoxy resin flowing down the middle. That’s become 80% of his furniture making business.

Sheldon started Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture from his home in 2013, but only became serious about growing the company after moving into a large high-end furniture manufacturing facility in 2017. CVCF has become a manufacturer of high quality, handcrafted, custom designed furniture, specializing in custom live edge epoxy tables and desks for sale online to individuals and businesses throughout the continental United States and Canada. Sheldon’s innovative ideas for furniture and his furniture business have become a hallmark of his success.

The audio for this video is comprised of extracts from Andy Levine’s Second Act Stories podcast on December 7, 2020, and titled “Goodbye Executive Recruiting…Hello Furniture Marking”. Andy interviewed Sheldon and CVCF VP of Operations Zach Schulte for this podcast – which Adam wrote and voiced. The full podcast is only 20 minutes long and we hope you’ll give it a listen. You can find it at

The Chagrin Valley process is different from other custom furniture makers (builders) because we only make true custom furniture. That means you don’t go online to order and pay at the start of the process. With CVCF, you are part of the custom furniture-making process every step of the way as together we create a completely new, one-of-a-kind piece of epoxy resin furniture, specific to your unique needs and desires. You give us your design idea, choose the epoxy color, wood slab, make tweaks in the design, all remotely through video technology. You can even have an emblem or your company logo machined into the wood and filled with epoxy, or embed items in the epoxy such as school and college logos, rocks, crystals, and other sentimental memorabilia.

We harvest our wood sustainably, often under the direction of the U.S. Forest Service. This ensures the long term health of the forest. We spend up to 2 years removing moisture from the logs before starting to work with them. This helps prevent warping and cracking of the wood. Our 6,000 sq. ft. workshop is fully equipped to handle all the challenges of making a beautiful epoxy resin river table, which includes a temperature controlled, clean spray room for a smoother, scratch-resistant coat. We also offer a large variety of metal and wood legs, plus you can design your own legs if you wish.

Our furnishings include custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin river beds and headboards, epoxy resin desks, epoxy resin wall art, rustic to modern farmhouse tables, barn doors, benches, countertops, shelves and so much more. Prices for our conference tables are based on such factors as size, wood species, live edge/not live edge, conference table components, epoxy resin, engraved company names, engraved logos, embedded objects in epoxy resin rivers, etc. Prices for our solid wood and live edge conference tables start at about $4,500, average about $9,000, and top off at about $18,000. Prices for conference tables with epoxy resin rivers and epoxy-filled CNC logos or scenes will cost more.

For a quote on handcrafting your epoxy resin river furniture design and shipping it to your home or place of business anywhere in the USA, call Sheldon Myeroff at 440-591-551, scan or take a photo of your design and text it to us at 440-591-5511, or email to

Custom Built Live Edge L-Shaped Desk With Storage & Drawers Sold By CVCF In 2015

The L-shaped corner desk show in this video was custom made with two African mahogany live edge wood slabs. It features hidden storage compartments, a hidden drawer and a hidden shelf for electronics. This handmade solid wood desk was commissioned locally in 2015 from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

Types Of Custom Built Live Edge Furniture For Sale Locally (U.S. Only) And Online By CVCF

Live Edge River Seashell Coffee Table

See Recent Custom Epoxy Resin River Table Designs

Live Edge Seashell River Coffee Table

Celebrity Table

Celebrity River Dining Table

12 Foot River Conference Table

Twelve Foot River Conference Table

Custom Epoxy Resin River Colors and Effects

At CVCF, we make our own colored epoxy resin for the river tables and furnishings we create. We have put years of research into the art of creating these beautiful features that are either poured between two live edge solid wood slabs, or poured into cracks and openings in the natural wood slab. Custom epoxy resin colors are often based on our customer’s own color preferences. You can also choose from the colors below. You can send us a photo or drawing of a color and effect you want us to reproduce, including LED lighting. Then tell us what kind of tabletop wood you want. Add some flair to your furniture with an epoxy resin river!


Dark Blue


Sky Blue




Gray With White



Walnut Table With Black And Copper Epoxy Resin River For River Table






Black And White Resin River In A River Table

Black & White

Emerald Epoxy Resin In A River Table



Tabletop Wood Examples

CVCF only makes custom epoxy resin furniture out of solid wood slabs—generally with the live edge included. The woods below are the ones we find make the best river tables. A dark river with a light wood is awesome. A light river with a dark wood is even more awesome. You can’t go wrong! Our customers can pick out the exact slab they want when we take them into our wood warehouse or supplier’s lumberyard via video technology. Our workshop is in the Chagrin Valley of Ohio, an area that supports the growth of hundreds of wood species on sustainable farms. Give us a call at 440-591-5511 and Sheldon will help you with your wood selection.

Black Walnut








White Oak Wood With Blue Resin River

White Oak

Custom Metal And Wood Table Legs & Base Examples

At CVCF, we make our own custom metal legs, often based on our customer’s own table leg concepts. Get inspired by some of our designs, or order one you see below. You can send us a photo or drawing of a leg you want us to reproduce. Then tell us what kind of tabletop you want. At CVCF, we cover all the bases (and legs)!

Industrial H-Style With Crossbar

Spindly Tripod


Industrial A-Style With Crossbar

Buy Custom Made Steel Legs And Custom Built Metal Bases For Your Handmade DIY Furniture Here

U-Style With X

Narrow Columns With Crossbar

Warped Hashtag

Sideways U-Style With Flat Base

Angie Dickinson Style

USS Dreadnaught

I-Style With X-Base

3-Warp W-Style

Tubular Style With 2-Bun Foot

1-Warp W-Style

Roman Numeral 2-Style With Crossbar


Wood Trestle With Chevron



Inner Orbit

Trapezoid With Wood Interior

Flat Base With Half-Hourglass

Flat Base With Half-Hourglass

Examples Of Custom Embedded Items, Logos And Engravings

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has become more creative in our execution of river table designs by adding decorative elements in the resin before it cures. Taking the “river” concept to its logical conclusion, our builders can make tables embedded with smooth stones, rocks, shells, crystals and more that line the bottom of the resin, adding a premium rustic, outdoorsy flair to an already stunning concept.

Rocks And Stones


Fish Or Figurines

Heirlooms Or Other Cultural Items


Glass Beads

LED Backlights

Logos & Decals

Wood Etchings & Engravings

Build Your Epoxy Resin River Table Below

    What type of custom-made table or furniture are you looking for?:
    Epoxy Resin And Wood 'River' Dining TableLive Edge (Wood Slab) TableConference TableCoffee Or Side TableBar Top Or CountertopOther

    What wood species are you looking for?:
    Black WalnutWalnutMapleCherryAshHickoryMahoganyWhite OakOther

    What epoxy resin color(s) interest you?:
    Black OnyxAluminumLiquid Metal PearlPure WhiteSilver PearlGhost Pearl BlueLiquid FireDragon's BreathMerlotCopper PennyImperial RedGold-OrangePure GoldEnchanted ForestHunterJungle GreenGreen EnvyIridescent GreenBora BoraBlue-GreenCaribbean BlueIridescent BlueDeep Sea BlueMidnight BlueBurplePurple HazeHazelnutKiwiI Want A Custom Color MadeNone

    What styles of legs or bases interest you the most?:
    Trapezoid TubeTrapezoid FSReverse Trapezoid TubeReverse Trapezoid FSSquareRoseAngled PegHairpinBoxIndustrialStarH-FrameA-FrameUSS DreadnaughtI-BeamInner OrbitMulti-AngledCurved PedestalChestnut TreeBridge BaseShooting StarWood TrapezoidWood Reverse TrapezoidI Want A Custom Base Made

    What color would you like for the base or legs?
    Metallic BlackMatte BlackSilverCopperGoldOtherWood (N/A)

    Would you like items or memorabilia embedded into the epoxy resin?:

    Do you want LED lights in your project?:

    Approximate River Table Length:

    Approximate River Table Width:

    How many people will sit at the table?


    Street Address

    City, State, Zip Code

    Phone Number:*



    Maximum file size: 5 MB
    Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png, pdf, bmp.

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